An inmate at an Arizona jail allegedly went on a rampage attacking four officers, and it was all caught on surveillance video. 

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told KPHO that Scott Beatty, a 15-year employee, will need reconstructive surgery after he suffered broken bones to his face and bleeding on the brain from the attack. 

The horrific video purports to show the minimum security 18-year-old inmate walking into a room that he was not authorized to be in at the Lower Buckeye Jail.

The unnamed inmate can be seen on video taking swings at the one officer, who fell to the ground after being punched. 

The second officer fired four Taser shots, but it didn't seem to affect the inmate at all. He then started to violently attack the second officer, hitting him with punch after punch. 

"Our guys tried to do the best they could,” Arpaio told KPHO. “They used a Taser. Evidently, that didn't have much effect on the 18-year-old.”

It took a large group of officers to subdue the inmate. 

“He was still fighting when we got him locked down,” Arpaio told KPHO. 

Three detention officers were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Two of those individuals had been knocked completely unconscious by the young man. 

The inmate didn't suffer any injuries and didn't have any prior bad behavioral incidents on his record. 

Beatty is currently in the intensive care unit at St. Joseph's Hospital.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help with the costs of Beatty's treatment.

WARNING: The video below is graphic.