A group of children wrote "get well" letters to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. 

Brian Kilmeade reported this morning on "Fox and Friends" that  Abu-Jamal is suffering from complications related to diabetes. He was reportedly taken to a hospital after collapsing in the bathroom of the State Correctional Institution at Mahanoy.

The former Black Panther was convicted of shooting and killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981.

Kilmeade explained that a group of New Jersey third-graders were encouraged by their teacher to write him "get better soon" letters. High school students also wrote letters for Abu-Jamal. 

Kilmeade said that the letters were delivered by Johanna Fernandez, a professor of history at Baruch College.

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Richard Costello, the former president of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, told Kilmeade that he is outraged that the teachers encouraged students to write letters to Abu-Jamal. 

"I think it's both alarming and outrageous that any teacher would use a group of innocent 7 year olds to promote a twisted agenda, glorifying murder, glorifying hatred and glorifying violence," Costello said. 

Costello said that he shot Faulkner in the back first and then shot him again in between the eyes. 

"I think the the school system needs to immediately fire any teacher involved in this," Costello said. "And failing that, all the parents who have children in that school system need to reevaluate their further involvement, because these children are now placed in danger by the very people charged with their education."

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He added that the children are being "used as tools in somebody's twisted agenda."

Costello said that he thinks his illness is a "fraud," because he was a "cash cow" when he was on death row. 

"When he was taken off death row, the funding dried up," Costello explained. "This is just a deliberately orchestrated charade to get him back in the news and get the dollars turned back on."

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