An alleged Navy SEAL impersonator has been apprehended by authorities in Puerto Rico. 

Carlos Luna-Gonzalez was arrested on theft charges in a sting operation in November 2014 after he accepted a "firearm of appreciation" for his alleged false service, WFAA reported.

He was wearing a Navy lieutenant junior grade uniform with a SEAL trident, a Purple Heart, and jump wings. 

According to police, the man jumped bond and escaped to Puerto Rico.

WFAA reported:

"That's a touchy subject with a lot of us vets," said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler on Tuesday.

Sheriff Fowler asked Puerto Rico police for help. Monday night, he got word they had his man.

"They wanted to know if we would extradite. They wanted to know in 10 minutes. They got their answer in eight," Fowler grinned. "He couldn't even shine the SEALs' boots, as far as I'm concerned."

Fowler's service included duty aboard two aircraft carriers.

Gonzalez was arrested the first time in Parker County about six months ago after a Texas Ranger was tipped off about the man who was claiming rank and honors he had not earned. Authorities arranged to have him invited to Lone Star Guns in Weatherford.

"We were going to award him with a firearm for his service," said Lone Star's Joey Blanton.

Blanton, who served with the Army in Afghanistan, shared that he was glad to help in the sting. 

When the man accepted the rifle, police arrested him on the spot for "theft by deception."

"I don't wish him ill will," Blanton told WFAA. "I just want justice. [I] want him to stop posing as something he's not."

Gonzalez did serve a brief stint in the Navy and received a general discharge, Fowler told WFAA. 

A lot of veterans told Fowler they were angry that the impersonator sported the SEAL trident and Purple Heart on the uniform.

According to WFAA, the theft charge was only a misdemeanor, but since he fled, it is now a felony charge. 

"I'm going to bring him back - one way or the other," Fowler told WFAA. "He picked the wrong county, I'll tell you that."

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