A white South Carolina police officer has been charged with murdering a black man after chilling video of the shooting surfaced.

Michael Thomas Slager has been arrested and charged in the death of 50-year-old Walter Lamer Scott.

Authorities say it all happened after Slager stopped Scott for a broken tail light and a scuffle ensued. An attorney for Slager claims he felt threatened and that Scott was trying to grab Slager’s stun gun. But the video appears to show that Slager shot at the fleeing victim multiple times.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Fox and Friends" that the police officer's stated fear has to be a reasonable one. He added that police can only use deadly force when they have real reason to believe that it's necessary to stop the perpetrator from using deadly force.

Judge Nap said that Slager will likely face 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

"This is not Ferguson. In Ferguson, there was a bona fide fight over the officer’s gun and the officer won the fight," Judge Nap said. "This is two disparate cases. This is a victim running away from the police, shot in the back. This is what some people said Ferguson was, but it turned out it wasn't."

Judge Nap said it was unheard of for a cop to be arrested, jailed right away and denied bail.

Get more insight from Judge Nap in the clip above.

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