Don’t miss “Hannity” tonight, as Sean goes one-on-one with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) following his announcement that he will run for president.

Paul told Hannity that elected officials often lose touch with the American people, and then nothing changes.

“We elect Republicans who say, ‘We want Republicans to balance the budget,’ but then Republicans do the same things the Democrats do,” Paul said.

He added, “The last couple of Republicans we’ve put forward, I couldn’t tell you what we were for.”

Paul defined himself as a “constitutional conservative,” and said that over the last few years, he has come to believe that America needs someone who will stand up for the entire Bill of Rights.

Watch the preview clip above, and see the full hour-long interview tonight at 10p ET on Fox News Channel.

Hannity will get Paul's take on how he'll deal with Iran, ISIS and other global threats. Plus, Paul will respond to some of his critics, answer viewer questions and rate his 2016 rivals.

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