Bill O'Reilly and Monica Crowley clashed with Kirsten Powers tonight on "The Factor" over the new illegal immigrant children border surge. 

He explained that roughly 16,000 children have been taken into custody by U.S. authorities so far this fiscal year at the southern border. O'Reilly said that the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security are flying children from foreign countries to the U.S. to reunite them with their parents.

"So in the past, Powers, you said you'd let all the kids in, is that still your position?" O'Reilly questioned. 

She countered back, stating that that's not what she said and that kids should get what they're required under law. Power said that "they should be given a deportation hearing and then the judge would decide."

O'Reilly countered back, stating that he thinks she is wrong.

"I think you said that you would allow them all in," he said. "You wouldn't stop them at the border and turn them back."

She then admitted that she "personally" feels that any child who can make it to this country on their own should be let in.

"I know you love the children, Bill, I mean, don't you want to keep the kids out of danger?" Powers asked.

Monica Crowley weighed in, stating that there are two realities that the left is disregarding about this issue. 

"The first is that the United States is a wealthy country, but we don't have the resources to save the world," Crowley stated. "The second part of this is that our immigration laws, the purpose of them is not to be compassionate or uncompassionate to the people coming into the country illegally. The purpose of our immigration laws, is to serve our national interests."

She added that it "doesn't serve our national interests to have this continuing swarm of illegal aliens."

Powers was shocked that Crowley characterized the immigrants as a "swarm," which sparked both O'Reilly and Crowley to fire back at her. 

"They swarm across the border in tremendous numbers," O'Reilly yelled. "And once they're here, they get all the welfare payments. And they're coming here at taxpayers' expense from Central America. You say they're going to get reimbursed, but nobody believes that but you! Nobody believes that but you!"

Watch the fiery debate above.

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