Ever wish you could go back to the carefree days of preschool? Well, now you can.

The Brooklyn, New York-based "Preschool Mastermind" offers a preschool-type experience for adults. Classes include pre-K activities like finger-painting, show-and-tell, field trips and even nap time.

The goal is to give high-strung New Yorkers a chance to relax, connect with their inner child and "re-learn the basics and experience the magic of life as it was originally intended."

But preschool for adults doesn't come cheap. Classes start at $333 and go up to $999.

"Am I getting too old?" former Sen. Scott Brown asked on "Outnumbered" today. "How about taking that $300 to $1000 and packing your family up in a Winnebago and go see the country together?"

"Just come to my house on a Saturday," Andrea Tantaros remarked. "We've got snacks, I take naps. Why not arts and crafts? I love to paint and draw. All those things sound awesome."

"I don't want to lay on a mat next to some dude with smelly feet from Brooklyn," Dagen McDowell said. 

Watch more from the "Outnumbered" panel above.

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