A Utah dad has reportedly been told by city officials to take down a cardboard fort he made for his kids or face a fine.

Jeremy Trentelman built the massive cardboard structure for his 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter in the front yard of their home in Ogden City, Utah.

Trentelman came home from work on Wednesday and found a letter on his door stating that he was in violation of a city code that prohibits junk, waste materials and abandoned vehicles from being kept on properties.

The letter stated that Trentelman had 15 days to remove the fort from his lawn or he would be forced to pay $125, with more fines and legal action possible.

"They can also file criminal charges against us and levy the fines as a lien against the house," Trentelman said. "So they're not playing."

Watch the clip above.

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