Controversial new surveys about women serving in the special forces found that men in special ops fear women aren't up to the task. They think that the Pentagon will lower the standards of elite units to integrate women.

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie and combat veteran Amber Smith joined Anna Kooiman on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to debate if women should be allowed to serve in special forces units.

Higbie said this is an unnecessary "politically correct push" and asserted that adding another variable - coed units - to an already unstable line of work is dangerous.

Smith said that mission success must come before gender success, so there must be a standard across the board, across genders.

"Women don't want special treatment in the military," Smith said. "It doesn't do them any favors and it doesn't do the military as a whole any favors."

She stated that females should be allowed to try and assess for special ops units, as long as they meet the same standards as their male counterparts.

Higbie pointed out that standards across the military are already different for men and women across all fields.

"We're successful as an all-male force," Higbie said. "Nothing against women, but I think they don't have a place there."

Smith acknowledged that the dynamic of an all-male group will change drastically once females are introduced.

"It really comes down to the maturity and the professionalism of the unit," she asserted.

Watch more in the "Fox and Friends Weekend" debate above.

On Monday morning's show, Anna posed the question to former Navy fighter pilot and Fox News contributor Lea Gabrielle and Anu Bhagwati, founder of the Service Women's Action Network. 

Gabrielle said she admires the women who are making this effort and believes there are women who "absolutely" can succeed. 

But she said the overall question is whether this will make the military stronger.

"The military isn't your typical equal opportunity employer. ... The question that we really have to ask is: Is this the right weapon for the right job? Are women the right weapon for this job? I think that's the debate that needs to happen right now," said Gabrielle. 

Bhagwati said many women who are joining the military are ex-college athletes and near-Olympians and are in better shape than many of their male recruits.

"If they want a shot at this and they can do the job, and the standards are not lowered, why not let them do it?" she asked.

Watch the discussion below.

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