A 37-year-old South Carolina man was rescued Thursday after spending more than two months alone in a sailboat at sea, living on fish and rainwater, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Louis Jordan was found by a passing German freighter after 66 days at sea after the mast of his sailboat was broken off by heavy weather. Jordan was picked up from the freighter by a Coast Guard helicopter and taken to a Norfolk, Virginia, hospital.

To share the dramatic rescue story, Lt. Commander Todd Farrell and Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Kyle McCollum appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend."

McCollum, a rescue swimmer, was lowered to the deck of the German ship to assess Jordan's condition and get him ready to be hoisted aboard the chopper.

McCollum said they were very surprised to see that Jordan was in such good condition after 66 days at sea.

"There is a human will that he probably had that helped him survive the ordeal," Farrell said. "It was nice for him to be able to take that and see it all the way through and us to get him back to his family."

Watch more in the "America's News Headquarters" clip above.

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