A 16-year-old volleyball player went to court after getting benched by the coach.

Audrey Dimitrew and her parents sued her Virginia league after her coach told her that she would sit out for most of the season.

The lawsuit she filed against Chantilly Juniors team claims that she was stripped of opportunities to impress varsity coaches and college recruiters when she was benched earlier this year. 

She told Brian Kilmeade this morning on "Fox and Friends" that her team's league, the Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association, wouldn't allow her to switch to another team. Dimitrew explained that her coach had actually told her to go to another team. 

"At one of my tournaments he expressed to me that we just weren't a good fit," she said. "It didn't have anything to do with playing time actually. It was just that the coach and I and a couple of other girls on the team just didn't work. And it happens, so we just both agreed that I'll switch to a different team."

The league stepped in and told her that they didn't want her to change teams, so she filed a lawsuit.

The court actually sided with her, but since it's a private organization the ruling doesn't apply. She said that she doesn't regret going to court. 

"Before when we brought our case to the league, they didn't listen to us and they didn't seem to care if I was going to get to play or not," Dimitrew shared. "Going to court just kind of made me feel like my voice was heard."

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