An expectant mother went into a Los Angeles courthouse to pay a bill Thursday and left with a newborn baby.

AmberMarie Irving-Elkins was two days overdue when she began to experience minor contractions. She thought she had time to get a few errands done, but her son had other plans.

Irving-Elkins was on the first floor of Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles to pay a bill when she felt a major contraction.

“One contraction where you know it’s about to happen hit me, and I went down to my knees, and he was coming,” she said.

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Her son, Malachi Amani Elkins, was born about five minutes later on the floor of the courthouse. Paramedics arrived after the baby’s birth.

A large crowd cheered upon the birth of Irving-Elkins’ son.

“We deal with the bad and when things have already gone wrong for people, so to be there when they’re beginning a beautiful journey, it was overwhelming and just, it was very, very cool,”  Los Angeles County Deputy Sally Styles said.

Shortly after the baby’s birth, the Special Enforcement Bureau tweeted:

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