A miracle dog was hit by a car, beaten and left for dead in a ditch – yet she amazingly survived!

One month ago, Theia the dog was hit by a car east of Spokane, Wash.  Someone thought she wouldn’t survive and apparently attempted to euthanize her, hitting her over the head with a hammer and then leaving her in a box in a ditch. A few days later, Theia wandered to a farm to get help.

Sara Mellado, who is fostering Theia, is now raising funds for her recovery. Mellado explained today on “Fox and Friends” that Theia will need to have a stent placed in her head because her damaged nasal cavity doesn’t allow her to breathe through her nose, making it hard for her to sleep and eat.

Mellado described Theia’s will to live as “amazing, incredible.” She said that Theia is so loveable and content with life after all that she’s been through.

So far, Mellado has raised more than $22,000 for Theia on a GoFundMe page, exceeding her $10,000 goal.

Watch the interview above.

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