Bill Hemmer pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today about whether the agreement with Iran on its nuclear program is a threat to Israel. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the framework of the agreement in a series of tweets through his spokesperson, Mark Regev. 

Hemmer asked Earnest what he would say to Netanyahu and the people of Israel. 

"I think this is a good deal for Israel to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon," Earnest responded. "It does not resolve all of our concerns with Iran. Iran is a bad actor in the Middle East. Iran is a country that regularly menaces our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel."

Earnest said President Obama is committed to "continuing the unprecedented security cooperation" with Israel.

He said Netanyahu has expressed this view on numerous occasions, but that the president believes this agreement "is in the best interest of the United States."

Earnest said that the agreement with Iran needs to be completed by June and that if both parties agree, "it will in fact shut down the pathway Iran has to developing a nuclear weapon."

Hemmer countered by asking Earnest how the world can trust the Iranian government to fulfill its obligations. 

"We don't trust them," Earnest replied. "That's why we're going to have international inspectors who are nuclear experts having regular access to that facility to verify their compliance with that agreement."

Earnest said that if Iran does not comply, they will "snap the sanctions back in place and we will have before us every option on the table that we currently have."

He said the best way to resolve the world's concerns with Iran's nuclear program is to pursue diplomacy and verify their compliance with the agreement. 

Earnest added that these are the most intrusive inspections of any country's nuclear program that have ever been put in place against a country. 

Watch the full interview above from "America's Newsroom" and let us know what you think.