A new study has found that teen girls are more likely to succeed in life if they have pushy mothers. 

The study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Essex, said that setting high standards means adolescent girls are less likely to become pregnant. It also found that girls with mothers who nag them will have more of chance to go to college, are less likely to be unemployed or earn low wages. 

Researchers studied the lives of schoolgirls aged 13 and 14 from a database of 15,500 students, according to the Daily Mail

The study's findings were presented at a conference of the Royal Economic Society last week. 

Kennedy shared on "Outnumbered" today that she is a nagging mom. 

"In some ways I am, I'm really happy to hear this," she said. "I'm definitely the nag in the house and I know that. I've always said that I'm like the CFO and my husband is like the activities director."

Dagen McDowell weighed in stating that her mom didn't nag her, but held her responsible and accountable when she did things wrong. 

Watch the video above. 

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