Bill O'Reilly argued in his Talking Points Memo Thursday night that the war on Christianity is getting worse. 

While Christians are slaughtered by ISIS in the Middle East, O'Reilly highlighted the repeated "verbal attacks" against Christians here at home.

He said many on the far left, aided by a sympathetic media, are smearing Americans who oppose gay marriage and abortion on religious grounds.

"No question, it is open season on Christians," said O'Reilly, who pointed out that a recent AP poll found that a majority believe wedding-related businesses should be allowed to refuse to provide services for same-sex marriages if they object on religious grounds.

He highlighted the Indiana pizzeria that was forced to close after saying they would not feel comfortable catering a gay wedding.

"All hell descended on the store as secular zealots threatened all kinds of things," said O'Reilly, faulting religious leaders in America for a "lack of pushback."

He then sat down with syndicated columnist Ann Coulter for her reaction. She called out the mainstream media and the far left for continually highlighting "fake stories" and generating "hate campaigns." 

She used as recent examples the "hands up, don't shoot" narrative and the UVA rape allegations. 

"This week's hate just happens to be on the Christians. ... It's Christianity that the left hates most of all, because that is the foundation of our country," she said, calling on Christian and Republican leaders to stand up more forcefully.

"Where are the Christians? And where are the Republicans? I'm glad this Mike Pence isn't running for president. They are falling like toy soldiers," said Coulter.

O'Reilly said 2016 presidential contenders on the GOP side will have to stand up for people of faith if they want to win the nomination. 

He said he plans to challenge Jeb Bush directly on that issue on his show.

Coulter lamented that small-town pizzeria owners are displaying more courage than Christian leaders and Republicans. 

"The one thing every Christian should have is courage," said Coulter.

"The most important thing in your life, eternity, is already taken care of. Go out and fight. You're afraid of being sneered at by the New York Times? That's the one thing every Christian should have and most of them don't."

Watch the full discussion below and the Talking Points Memo in the clip above.