An ABC local television station is refusing to play a commercial that criticizes Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, despite other stations airing it.

Tucker Carlson reported on "Fox and Friends" this morning that Chicago's ABC 7 took issue with the ad's claim that Emanuel, who is seeking re-election, made $18 million in three years as an investment banker between 1999 and 2002. The ad also states that he used his position to turn his brother's Uber investment into a billion dollars. 

Lynn Sweet of The Chicago-Sun Times weighed in (watch above) stating that she doesn't know why ABC won't run the ad. 

"Almost everything in that ad had been well covered by the media," she said. "In fact, almost every point was discussed...This mayor's race and Rahm's struggle to keep in office is not a surprise to the people who live in Chicago." 

Carlson noted that the city has a lot of problems including the huge crime rate. He also said that it has "some sad economic numbers" with 25 percent of African Americans in Chicago unemployed.

"Right now I think Rahm's challenge is to build a coalition," Sweet said. "Rahm doesn't have that kind of street wise, grass roots momentum that Chuy Garcia has...But I think most of the election is really, Rahm's competition in this race has been Rahm."

Watch the ad that criticizes the mayor below.