The dramatic moment a hatchet wielding thug was stopped from robbing a store in the U.K. was caught on surveillance video. 

Shaun Andrew McKerry burst into the Shildon Post Office and Stores demanding that a cashier fill his bag with money, as he threatened her with a hatchet. 

Footage shows store owner, Sab Dhillon, running from the back of his shop and jumping on McKerry. 

Items were knocked to the ground as Dhillon tackled him into shelves and put him in a choke hold. 

The video then shows Dhillon's wife, Sam, running from the back of the store with a baseball bat, then hitting the robber.

McKerry was arrested at the scene and charged with attempted robbery. 

"I think everyone imagines these situations when they work in retail but you never think it will actually happen to you," Sab Dhillon told the Daily Mail. "I just wanted to protect my staff and make sure that no of them get hurt. We have been here for five years, there has been a couple of minor incidents but nothing at this level."

A second robber, who was guarding the door, fled from the scene. The husband and wife were uninjured during the melee.