William La Jeunesse continued his reporting this morning on the devastating California drought, which has led to Gov. Jerry Brown issuing mandatory restrictions on water use.

California Has 1 Year of Water Left, NASA Warns

La Jeunesse highlighted these two photos, which illustrate the fact that reservoirs in the central and southern parts of the state are 67% below capacity. 

Brown, announcing 25% across-the-board reductions in water use, said the historic drought requires the state to take "unprecedented" actions.

He made his announcement from a snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains after a winter of record-low snowfalls.

“We are standing on dry grass, and we should be standing on five feet of snow,” said Brown.

La Jeunesse said big users, like golf courses, are going to have to implement dramatic cutbacks. Developers will have to install drip irrigation systems on new homes. 

Homes will likely face state-imposed limits on water use, with penalties being imposed by water agencies for using too much. 

He explained that homeowners are going to have to make choices about their water usage, whether they stop watering the lawn or washing the car or start taking shorter showers.

One restaurant is already trying to conserve in a unique way: offering patrons a dollar off their drink if they forgo ice.

Farmers are bearing the brunt of the historic drought, but urban residents complain that the farming industry is still taking up too much of the water supply. 

For instance, they highlight the fact that it takes a gallon of water to grow a single almond and 168 for a single watermelon.

Watch William's full report above.