A Roman Catholic priest in Poland is under fire after he showed high school students the gruesome video of Egyptian Coptic Christians being beheaded by ISIS.

Priest Krzysztof Jeruzalski played the unedited video, which is said to have taken place in Libya, as part of a 10th-grade lesson on Christian martyrdom.

Andrea Tantaros reported on "Outnumbered" today that one student was so upset by the video, that her mother told a newspaper she couldn't sleep at night. 

Tantaros said that the school is defending the priest, because he warned students before playing the horrific video and told them that they could leave at any time. 

Father Jonathan Morris argued that this would not be tolerated in any U.S. school.

"We would never ever get away with doing that, I don't mean just priests, but teachers in the United States showing a video like this," Morris said. "This was in Poland, maybe they can get away with it. I would never do it."

Morris said that he credits the priest for "at least telling the story about what's happening" to Christians at the hands of ISIS. 

"Maybe to my detriment, I don't think I've been talking about it enough in my church and the school that I have in my parish," said Morris.

Melissa Francis said that from a parental standpoint, she struggles with wanting her children to know what's happening in the world, but also wanting to shield them from graphic or disturbing content. 

Morris concluded by pointing out that the lesson was not about the brutality of ISIS, but on the meaning of martyrdom. 

"How beautiful is it that some people would say, even though they're going to take my head off, I will not deny my faith," he said.

Watch the full video above to hear more of the discussion on "Outnumbered."

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