Rapper Snoop Dogg posed for an innocent-looking picture with a police officer, but it turns out the cop ended up in hot water.

The picture was requested by the star rapper at last month's South by Southwest festival in Austin and then posted on his Instagram account, where it was liked nearly 18,000 times.



Me n my deputy dogg

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According to KLTV, the Department of Public Safety decided Trooper Billy Spears should undergo counseling because of it.

Spears is now fighting the department to keep the "incident" off of his permanent record.

The DPS claimed the picture "reflects poorly on the agency" because of Snoop Dogg's "criminal background and numerous drug charges," Spears' attorney said.

Snoop Dogg posted another photo with a member of the Austin Police Department, who was not reprimanded.

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Protect n serve.

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