Greg Gutfeld sounded off this evening on the news that the U.S. has struck a nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

“We didn't force Iran to the table, they forced us,” he said. “The message: if you build it, we will come. Crawling.”

Putting a 10-year pause on nukes, Gutfeld said, is “like handing an ax to a psycho and saying, 'Hold off ‘til I’m gone.'"

Gutfeld said that Obama “knows he’s left the world in a mess that’s on par with a teenager’s bedroom.”

“His definition of compromise? Figuring out the other guy’s needs and meeting them, on bended knee,” Gutfeld said.

“The Five” co-host remarked that Obama has lied on gay marriage and ObamaCare, blamed Benghazi on a film, and shielded “a dope like Sharpton.”

“I don't think he wants to screw this up, but maybe he can't help himself,” Gutfeld said.