Negotiators in Switzerland announced this afternoon that a preliminary agreement was reached on Iran's nuclear program. reported:

In the search for a comprehensive deal, the U.S. and five other countries hope to curb Iran's nuclear technologies that it could use to make weapons. Tehran denies such ambitions but is negotiating because it wants a lifting of sanctions imposed over its nuclear program.

The talks have been on shaky ground in recent days, with U.S. lawmakers worried Iran was making unreasonable demands and some even urging the U.S. delegation to "walk away" from the negotiating table.

Even the White House warned that they were prepared to do so if Iran did not start negotiating in good faith.

Pressured by congressional critics in the U.S. who threaten to impose new sanctions on Iran over what they say is a bad emerging deal, the Obama administration is demanding significant public disclosure of agreements and understandings reached at the current round. But the officials say Iran wants a minimum made public.

Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reported this afternoon on what we know about the agreement and was asked by Gretchen Carlson what the United States gets out of it. 

Rosen said the U.S. would get the satisfaction of knowing that Iran is only enriching uranium at one facility (Natanz). Intrusive IAEA inspections would follow to make sure uranium enrichment is not going on anywhere else.

The inspections would also ensure Iran is not enriching uranium beyond a certain level and that existing stockpiles of highly enriched uranium are diluted or shipped to another country for monitoring.

Watch his full report above.