The 17-year-old Connecticut cancer patient who was forced to undergo chemotherapy will remain in temporary custody of the state. 

A motion to let Cassandra C. go home was denied by a juvenile court judge Wednesday. The judge also denied her mother and attorney’s motion for visitation without explanation. 

The teenager is in remission after roughly six months of forced chemo treatments for Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Her lawyer, Josh Michtom, tried to convince the court on March 16 that the teen should be able to return to her mother's home. Michtom argued that she was no longer in imminent risk of harm from her illness.

"We are disappointed in this ruling, not least of all because it draws a factual conclusion that is directly contradicted by the weight of the evidence," a statement released by Michtom and attorney Michael Taylor, who represents Cassandra's mother, Jackie Fortin, explained. "We're conferring with our clients now about next steps, including whether to take another appeal."

Back in September, Cassandra initially refused the doctors' advice to undergo chemotherapy with her mother's support. 

They claimed that the chemo was "poison" and wanted to explore alternative treatments.

The Connecticut Supreme Court stepped in and ruled that since she is a minor, Cassandra could be forced to receive the treatment.

Doctors gave her an 85% chance of survival with chemotherapy.

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