The American veteran who's fighting alongside the Kurds to defeat ISIS in Syria said that the bombing campaign against the terror group in northern Syria is "very sparse."

"We get one every other week or so, NATO's focus is more or less in Iraq itself," Jordan Matson told Sean Hannity. "We don't see much of anything in Syria."

When Matson last spoke to Hannity in February, he said that he was engaged in daily gun battles against ISIS. Hannity asked if that still remained the same.

"Things have picked up since Tal Hamis was finished," Matson explained. "ISIS is trying to retake ground around Sari Kani and Tel Tamer to try to get off the back foot, so we receive attacks usually every night or every other night. So it’s been quite interesting."

He added that they had a lot of air support when they took Tal Hamis, but that it was cut out after that. 

"They’ve increased their attacks on us," Matson said of ISIS.

He also said that ISIS owns "almost a third of the country. " 

Watch the video above. 

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