If you're one of millions of Americans who are rushing to file their taxes before the April 15 deadline, you shouldn't count on much help from the IRS.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said Tuesday that service at his agency has gotten so bad that they are now ignoring more than 60 percent of taxpayers’ phone calls during this tax season.

"The underfunding of the agency is the most critical challenge facing the IRS today," Koskinen said. "As the serious ramifications of five years of budget cuts become increasingly visible, I don’t want anyone to say that we didn’t warn you in advance. So, consider this your warning."

Stuart Varney said on "America's Newsroom" that the government is withholding a raise from the IRS, on the grounds that the agency has not come clean in the Lois Lerner targeting scandal.

He added that policing taxes surrounding the new ObamaCare law gives the IRS even more work to do, in addition to working with an extremely complicated tax code.

"How can you possibly have an agency, the IRS, which is fielding literally tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of calls for help and explanation when they haven't had a budget increase, they've had a budget cut and they're dealing with this extremely complex code?" Varney asked, asserting that Koskinen actually has a point.

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