This evening on "The Five," Greg Gutfeld discussed the controversy surrounding the new host of "The Daily Show," Trevor Noah.

Some critics are calling for Comedy Central to change their decision about promoting Noah as host based on his past tweets, where he joked about Jews, Israel and women.

But Comedy Central is standing behind him, even though some critics think his messages on Twitter were anti-Semitic, sexist and racist.

Gutfeld said that he isn't offended by Noah or his past tweets. 

"When Trevor got the job, the left assumed the right would attack him," Gutfeld said. "But it's the left that's tearing him apart. That's because, as conservatives, we're not supposed to care about careless words."

Gutfeld said that conservatives can take a joke, even if it's not funny. He remarked that "scouring the Web for hurtful words is a much greater evil, especially in an era of beheadings and mass rape."

He added that "if you've never said anything offensive in your life, you're probably really boring." 

Gutfeld said that if Noah was a conservative, he'd be "frogmarched into oblivion."

Watch the video above. 

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