It looks like Old Glory can stay.

A massive American flag mural on the side of Reyes Elementary School in El Paso, Texas, which is under construction, was painted over because it didn't match the homeowner association's approved color scheme of tan and orange.

But thanks to the actions of some local veterans, the developer has decided that the flag can be repainted on the school building.

Air Force veteran Jarred "JT" Taylor spoke to Clayton Morris on "Fox and Friends" this morning and said that he refused to see the stars and stripes removed from the school.

"The good news is as of last night at the school board meeting, we have become victorious," Taylor said. "The developer released a letter yesterday evening while we were at the meeting that said they were lifting the requirements that they had placed on the school board."

"Now, it will be granted that it can be painted red, white and blue."

Taylor said this is "a victory for both veterans and patriots across the United States."

"Especially in a time right now when the flag is consistently attacked everywhere, this is a big win for us because we're going to see it come back up."

See more on how the dispute was resolved at the El Paso Times.

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