A Florida veteran posted a video of his confrontation with a panhandler who was wearing an army uniform outside MacDill Air Force Base on Sunday.

In the video, which is quickly going viral, former Army combat medic Garrett Goodwin follows a man who was claiming to be a homeless vet and soliciting money from people.

Goodwin walks briskly after the fleeing panhandler, yelling with passion, "Take off my uniform!"

"Take that and throw it in the garbage," Goodwin angrily tells the man. "I don't want you to wear it anymore. That's my uniform. My brothers died for that uniform. You don't seem to understand that, do you?"

Goodwin told WFLA that he became suspicious when the panhandler did not have military ID. When Goodwin asked what branch of service the man was in, he answered, "Special forces, so top secret not even the VA knows about it."

The man's uniform, however, had a Junior ROTC patch. When further questioned, he couldn't give any answers.

Goodwin said the alleged faker eventually crumpled up the uniform and rode his bike away from the scene.

Watch the viral video below.

WARNING: Contains offensive language

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