Kansas teenager Michael Kelley, who plays on his high school’s special needs basketball team, was told he can’t wear a varsity letter jacket at school because he isn’t a varsity athlete.

19-year old Michael, who has Down syndrome and autism, was told to leave his precious letter jacket at home. He was given a girl’s sweatshirt to wear instead.

Michael's mother, Jolinda Kelley, spoke exclusively to Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "Fox and Friends" this morning about Wichita East High's outrageous rule that a special needs athlete cannot wear a varsity letter.

"He's earned the letter just like any other varsity athlete has," Kelley said.

She said that she appreciates the outpouring of support from strangers - the hashtag #GiveThemLetters exploded on Twitter - in addition to the backing of Michael's teachers and coaches.

"This is a policy issue. It's not a problem with his education that he's getting or the ability to play this sport. The issue is the policy," Kelley said. "If we lived on the other side of Wichita, this would not be an issue. This would have never come up."

Watch more in the "Fox and Friends" exclusive interview above and sound off on this story in the comments.

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