Trace Gallagher reported on "The Kelly File" tonight that experts are disputing the claim that Hillary Clinton's email server was wiped clean. 

Gallagher explained to Megyn Kelly that "experts agree it's highly difficult to permanently delete emails," but they say it depends on who is deleting them.

He said that it's "still possible to pull clues from the ashes, it just becomes much more of a process." 

"There are two reasons the server is so important," Gallagher said. "First, because some emails might be retrievable. And second, what's gone can leave as many clues as what's still there."

"Computer forensic analysts say the server can reveal things like the timeline of when emails were deleted, in what order they were deleted, and when the server was wiped clean or changed out," Gallagher added. "In other words, getting rid of stuff leaves behind red flags." 

Gallagher reported that Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) told Clinton's lawyer that "the decision to delete these records during pendency of a congressional investigation only exacerbates our need to better understand what the secretary did, when she did it, and why she did it."

Watch the video above. 

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