Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) continued to defend his state's new religious freedom law in an exclusive interview this morning.

The state has drawn a fierce backlash, with critics arguing that the law allows discrimination against gay people. 

Two states, Washington and Connecticut, responded by banning state-funded travel to Indiana over the new law.

Pence, who also penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed defending the law, maintained this morning on "Fox and Friends" that the legislation is not discriminatory. 

He said he stands by the law as it is written, but added that lawmakers are working to clarify it because of mischaracterizations by the left and national media in recent days.

Pence explained that the law was created to give courts a framework, as 30 other states and the federal government have done, to handle cases involving religious liberty. 

"I abhor discrimination like every other Hoosier. I don't think anyone should ever be mistreated because of who they are or who they love," said Pence.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked whether Pence would support a law that makes it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation. 

Pence said that has not been his position to this point, but the state legislature could "certainly have that debate."

He vowed that he would never eat at a restaurant if he knew it was denying service to gay people. 

"If I was in a restaurant and saw a business owner deny services to someone because they were gay, I wouldn't eat there anymore. And that's how most Hoosiers are. It's important to me in this process, and we'll do it through legislation, that people know that Indiana is standing here for religious liberty. But there was never any intention in this law to create a license to discriminate. And we'll clarify that in the days ahead. We'll fix this and move forward," said Pence.

Watch the interview above. 

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