The deadline for an agreement on Iran's nuclear program is scheduled for 6p ET tonight, but former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton isn't expecting a big announcement. 

Bolton predicted on "America's Newsroom" this morning that Iran, the United States and five other world powers will announce a three-month extension of the deadline.

"They will declare success. There's no doubt about it because in negotiation, you never fail. But if anybody thinks Iran has made any substantial concession here, they're not listening careful enough. And the Iranians are really never going to make substantial concessions because they're determined to get nuclear weapons," said Bolton. 

He was then asked by Bill Hemmer what the response will be from Israel and Congress if the deadline is pushed off again. 

Bolton said President Obama's fear is going to be that the GOP-controlled Congress will move forward on sanctions against Iran if no deal is reached.

House Speaker John Boehner said this weekend that Congress will move quickly to impose sanctions on Iran if no deal is announced.

Hemmer then asked Bolton about his New York Times piece last week that was entitled, "To Stop Iran's Bomb, Bomb Iran."

Hemmer asked whether he believes that is "the only way out." 

Bolton said the most likely outcome here is a nuclear-armed Iran, whether a deal is reached or not. 

"These negotiations have gone on for 12 years. The major concession that the administration made was was conceding a few years ago that Iran can have any nuclear enrichment capability. Now they're just haggling over details. As long as Iran has that capability, they can break out to nuclear weapons at a time entirely of their choosing," said Bolton. 

Hemmer pressed him on how long airstrikes against Iran would need to go on if they start this year. 

Bolton answered that Israeli airstrikes on Syria in 2007 and on Iraq in 1981 were successful in setting back those countries' nuclear programs. 

He added that the strikes would need to be accompanied by a "vigorous policy of regime change," faulting the Obama administration for giving legitimacy to the terror-supporting regime.

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