The latest "selfie outrage" was sparked in New York this week, as young people posed for pictures in front of the burning rubble of a Manhattan building. 

The New York Post plastered the images in their Sunday edition, including on the cover, labeling the picture-takers "village idiots." 

Two people died and 25 were hurt in the building explosion and massive fire last Thursday. 

Frustrated by tourists stopping to take pictures, one nearby resident posted a sign outside reading, "THIS IS A TRAGEDY. NOT A TOURIST ATTRACTION. SHOW SOME RESPECT."

It comes after a recent incident in which two Americans carved their names into a wall of The Colosseum in Rome and were arrested.

Then, there was the Alabama girl who posted a selfie at Auschwitz last year. 

The "Outnumbered" panel weighed in this afternoon on whether these incidents point to a larger issue among young people and within society. 

Ed Henry expressed amazement that someone would actually need to be told that you should not post a selfie from Auschwitz. 

Andrea Tantaros said this comes from a generation that thinks everything they do is important and worthy of celebration. 

"It's all about self-celebrating. There's no such thing as TMI, as Lena Dunham says. Everything is important. So if everything's important, then nothing is important. ... 'I just ate a salad America! Let me take a picture, let me show you me eating the salad! Isn't that amazing?' No it's not. No one cares," she said. 

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