An NBC series, premiering on Easter Sunday, explores the aftermath of Christ’s crucifixion.

Executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey were on “The Kelly File” to discuss “A.D. The Bible Continues.”

“It’s kind of ‘House of Cards’ meets ‘Game of Thrones,’ it’s the political intrigue but huge action all wrapped up in the Bible,” Burnett explained.

Downey said that there has been a great wave of enthusiasm for the series.

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“People are hungry for hope, they’re hungry for story, they’re hungry for connection, I think they’re hungry for God,” she said.

“This nation was built on two things really: free enterprise and the Bible,” Burnett added.

Downey explained that people think the story of Jesus ended at the cross, but she said that was just the beginning.

“A.D. The Bible Continues” was filmed in Morocco at the same time that “Killing Jesus” was being shot there. Watch “Killing Jesus” on Fox News Channel Friday at 8p ET, and check out “A.D. The Bible Continues” Sunday on NBC.