On "Media Buzz" today, Howard Kurtz and his guests examined how the mainstream media has painted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) - the first major candidate to announce a 2016 presidential campaign - as a dangerous, far-right extremist.

Kathleen Parker said that the left sees Cruz as out of his mind, but "crazy like a fox." She said that the Republican base, on the other hand, hears him saying exactly what they want to hear.

Nina Easton said the media is too quick to write Cruz off, asserting that pundits continue to underestimate the power of the evangelical, anti-tax base of the GOP, which Cruz speaks to.

Juan Williams pointed out that many people who get to know Cruz are surprised at how intelligent he is and how well he comes across in person.

"He's going to be a force to be reckoned with and you need to take him seriously," Easton stated.

Watch the full "Media Buzz" clip above.

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