California State University has deactivated an on-campus Christian group because the group has insisted on installing Christians as leaders.

The university system is no longer recognizing the Cal State Stanislaus chapter of Chi Alpha, a Christian student organization, because those leadership restrictions allegedly violate an executive order of non-discrimination.

Associate VP of Cal State Tim Lynch explained, "What they cannot be is faith-based where someone has to have a profession of faith to be that leader ... Every club is allowed to establish its own standards for how leaders are selected as long as it's non-discriminatory."

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," the president of Chi Alpha, Bianca Travis, told Anna Kooiman that she didn't see how a person who wasn't a Christian could effectively lead a Christian group.

"For instance, how could they lead you in a prayer to a God that they don't even believe in?" Travis said. "That's why we feel like this is so unfair and how it doesn't make sense how anyone could try to lead a group that they don't believe their mission."

Travis said that the idea of bringing diversity on-campus is driving religious groups out and is actually diminishing the diversity at the university.

"I don't feel like that attending a college/university should cost me my faith," Travis stated.

"At one point, they told us that they were done playing games with us and they no longer want to work with us about this. And so, I feel like we've done everything we can, and I just really want to be a part of the campus community again."

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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