A study by the Automobile Association of America found that nearly 60 percent of teen driving accidents were caused by distractions like cell phones and friends.

Anna Kooiman took a closer look at just how dangerous impaired or distracted driving can be at a recent stop on the Arrive Alive Tour at Oyster Bay High School on Long Island, New York.

The Arrive Alive driving simulator uses virtual reality goggles to give young people a firsthand look at how depth perception and peripheral vision are limited by texting and alcohol.

"Smartphones are attached to most of us, but the younger generation in particular," Kooiman explained. "Technology is the language they speak, which is why simulators like these are so helpful."

"If we can get an emotion out there for them to realize how dangerous it is, it's going to be safer roads out there for them and everybody else," Arrive Alive instructor Tyler Herbstreith said.

Kooiman gave the driving simulator a spin herself, with some pretty scary results - she hit a virtual biker!

"I will never text and drive," Kooiman promised.

Watch the full clip above and get more information on distracted and impaired driving from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

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