A California woman's lawyer is disputing the police's claim that her reported kidnapping was a hoax.

Denise Huskins' lawyer, Doug Rappaport, stated that the abduction of his client was not staged as Vallejo police suggested yesterday.

He said that Huskins met with police detectives for several hours Thursday "with the hope of clearing her name because she is absolutely, unequivocally, 100 percent, positively a victim," Rappaport stated. "This is no hoax."

The Associated Press reported:

Attorney Dan Russo said his client Aaron Quinn had good reason for not immediately calling police when his girlfriend was abducted early Monday: At least two kidnappers bound and drugged him.

Investigators said they were suspicious when Quinn, 30, took hours to report that strangers broke into his Vallejo home, abducted Denise Huskins and directed an $8,500 ransom demand at him.

But Russo said the strangers restrained Quinn and "forced him to drink something" they said was a drug.

Quinn was even prepared to pay the ransom by the kidnappers' deadline of noon Wednesday, but Huskins was reported safe by then, the attorney said.

"(Quinn) has basically died and gone to hell. He is in terrible shape," Russo said. "He is exhausted both mentally and physically."

Yesterday Fox News' Claudia Cowan reported that the couple could face charges if the evidence does indeed show that the kidnapping was a hoax.