State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki told Megyn Kelly about her promotion and pregnancy in a Facebook/Web exclusive.

Psaki will be leaving the State Department to lead communications for President Barack Obama, who she worked with when he ran for president back in 2007.

“It’s certainly coming back full circle, but I am sad to leave the State Department,” Psaki said, calling her work there an honor and a privilege.

Kelly also asked Psaki about much more important news – that Psaki is expecting her first child.

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Psaki revealed that she and her husband are expecting a baby girl in July.

“I’m absolutely thrilled […] we know we have no idea what to expect as this is our first child, but we’re really looking forward to the adventure and grappling with the challenges that working moms around the country and the world face,” Psaki said.

Kelly applauded Psaki for “leaning in” and taking the biggest communication job in the administration while expecting her first child.

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“You’re going to have many sleepless nights, and it’s going to be long days and long nights, but you’re an example of how you really can have it all, as long as you have a cooperative boss, hopefully you’re going to have that,” Kelly said.

Psaki said that President Barack Obama and Denis McDonough have really made this possible for her.

“I think many women limit themselves and think that they possibly can’t do it, but they made this possible and have given me the flexibility and really said, ‘This is exciting and wonderful news, but we want you to come here and make it work,’ so that speaks to how much progress we’ve made as well,” Psaki said.

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