Is a controversial federal program that's supposed to stop fraud, actually halting gun shop bank loans?

"Operation Choke Point" is a secretive Obama administration program that was originally intended to help prevent fraud by eliminating access to banks for certain businesses. But now it appears that the program - overseen by the Justice Department, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and other agencies - has been expanded and is being used to target legal businesses that Obama administration officials are opposed to.

Mike Schuetz, the owner of Hawkins Guns LLC, explained yesterday on "Fox and Friends" that the federal government forced his bank to close his recently opened account, all because he's a legal gun dealer.

"I was notified by the bank on November 13 that they had to close my account due to being a gun dealer," Schuetz said. "It's sad day in America when this can happen to you."

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) sounded off this morning on "Fox and Friends" against the Obama administration. 

"The administration – they don’t like guns, and this is a very clever way to get around the Second Amendment at the FDIC and other bank regulators, and tell banks, “you can’t  do business with gun dealers or ammunition manufacturers, or payday lenders, or smoke shops,” Duffy said. "They’ve got a target list, and this is across the board, whether you’re a fraudulent business, or a legal business, they’re putting you out of business, because the administration says, 'we don’t like ya.'"

Duffy added that the truth about "Operation Choke Point" was exposed in a hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill. 

"It's rampant throughout the FDIC, high level individuals are targeting all of these legal businesses," Duffy said. "Listen, this is anti-American stuff Steve. We in Congress are going to push back on this."

"The only way this is going to come out on how the Obama administration is getting around the Second Amendment and taking out gun dealers and ammunition manufacturers, is if us in Congress do our work and we expose it," Duffy said. "And you on Fox tell the story."

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