Brian Kilmeade reported on "Fox and Friends" this morning about a proposed Colorado bill that's causing an uproar. 

The proposed law would require public schools with American Indian mascots or logos to get permission from a panel of nine Native Americans. 

According to the Denver Post, a new state panel called the Subcommittee for the Consideration of the Use of American Indian Mascots by Public Schools would also be created. Members of the subcommittee would belong to an American Indian tribe and would review whether or not the mascots or logos are offensive to tribes.

Public schools would have to stop using Native American mascots within two years if they didn't get permission from the subcommittee. If they don't comply, they could be fined $25,000 a month, Kilmeade stated.

Ellie Reynolds, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, explained on "Fox and Friends" that she's offended by the proposed law and is standing up against those in favor. 

"I'm offended because all it does is highlights the divide between the Native American culture and what's considered main stream," Reynolds said. "All we're doing is we're eliminating Vikings, Trojans, Fighting Irish, and we're having a bill that's talking about just Native Americans. That's discrimination."

Reynolds added that she's very proud of her heritage as a Native American.  

Watch the video above and let us know what you think. 

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