The Muslim actor who is playing Jesus in upcoming film “Killing Jesus” was on “The O’Reilly Factor” to discuss the movie.

Haaz Sleiman said that he celebrated Christmas growing up, though he didn’t know as much about the teachings of Jesus until later in life.

“But I always understood his presence in my life and in the world and the importance of his presence and how he affected people,” Sleiman said.

O’Reilly remembered how he was called about Sleiman’s audition and told that the actor is a Muslim.

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“I said, ‘Well, would Jesus hire him?’” O’Reilly recalled.

Sleiman said that it was an honor to get to star in this role, recalling the excitement and passion he had for the project when he found out he got the part.

O’Reilly noted how Sleiman “brought anger to Jesus” in this role, which O’Reilly thinks some people will be surprised by.

Watch the full interview above, and don’t miss the National Geographic premiere of “Killing Jesus” Sunday at 8/11p ET.