An Air Force veteran is seeking America’s help finding a little girl he rescued 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina.

Former staff Sgt. Mike Maroney, of Texas, wants to be reunited with a little girl who left a lasting impression in the face of massive destruction. The child, pictured above with Maroney, was one of the many people the vet saved, but he’s never forgotten her.

“She just wrapped me up in that hug and, you know, it all disappeared,” Maroney told ABC News. “I wasn’t even in New Orleans, I don’t even know if I was on the planet at that time, I was just in that hug.”

#FindKatrinaGirl has been circulating on social media in an effort to help Maroney locate the girl. Maroney never got her name or the names of her family members.

If Maroney finds the girl, he said that words won’t capture what he wants to say.

“I think a hug will do it,” he said.

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