A California mother was crushed to death by a gravel truck in an apparent freak accident on Monday. 

Trace Gallagher reported during "The Real Story" today that 32-year-old Lindsey Combs was killed when a gravel truck tipped onto her car in Martinez, California on Monday. 

"The city was in the process of building safer sidewalks so that kids could walk safely to school," Gallagher explained. "The gravel truck was having a tough time maneuvering."

Combs, who was two months pregnant with her second child, was asked to move her car by a member of the JJR Construction crew.

"But while the pregnant mom was inside her car, the hydraulics on the truck began lifting up the container to dump out the 20 tons of gravel, but somehow the gravel shifted, the hydraulics lift snapped, and the truck flipped on its side crushing the woman's car," Gallagher said. 

He also reported that the woman's 4-year-old daughter witnessed the horrible accident in the family's driveway, but she was not harmed in the accident. 

Gallagher remarked that her family, friends and neighbors are heartbroken over her death. 

"I don't know who to blame," Amy Dunbinsky, Combs' neighbor, tearfully said. "It wasn't her time to die, nor anybody's time to die on this street."

Gallagher said that state investigators are investigating why the truck lift malfunctioned and that it recently passed an inspection. 

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