Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Heritage Foundation’s Nile Gardiner tonight sounded off on President Barack Obama’s negotiations with Iran despite video which shows Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei chanting “death to America."

Peters said that Obama will do anything to make a deal with Iran. He charged the White House with trying to downplay Khamenei’s call for death to America.

“You can’t believe a thing this White House says,” Peters said. “This is the White House and the president, Sean, who told us that the War on Terror was over, Islamic State was jayvee, Putin was in retreat, Yemen was a success story. This is a White House that lies to the American people, coddles our enemies.”

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Peters said that America’s enemies don’t fear Obama, while the people of Israel do.

The Fox News strategic analyst called Iranian leadership “a Shia apocalyptic death cult” and warned that anyone who trusts Iran is in trouble.

Gardiner added, “President Obama’s entire approach is extraordinarily weak-kneed, terribly naive, and while appeasing Americas enemies, he’s kicking America’s allies in the teeth.”

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