Bill O’Reilly tonight pressed Glenn Beck on his announcement that he’s leaving the Republican Party.

“I don’t believe you’re leaving the Republican Party ‘cause you like Ted Cruz [...] I think he’s running as a Republican, Beck, did anybody break that to you?” O’Reilly asked.

Beck explained that he’d give money to Cruz, just not to the Republican Party.

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“The party right now is attacking people like Ted Cruz,” Beck said. “There are more slings and arrows coming from the Republican Party against Ted Cruz than there is outside the Republican Party.”

Beck said that the GOP surrendered on executive orders on immigration, won’t fight Obamacare, and thwarted a bill on NSA data collection. He said the party is not doing anything on Benghazi, IRS targeting or the VA scandal, to name a few.

Beck also called Jeb Bush “Hillary Clinton lite” and said a real matchup for president would be Elizabeth Warren vs. Ted Cruz.

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“I would love that […] that would be great, but that’s not gonna happen,” O’Reilly said.

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