There are new revelations in the email controversy surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the New York Times reporting that Clinton emailed with her top aides on their personal accounts.

Judge Nap: 'Here's Why Hillary Was Probably Lying'

Clinton has defended her use of a private email server by claiming that all of her work-related emails were preserved because she sent them to other officials' government email addresses.

About 300 emails were recently handed over to the House Select Committee on Benghazi, showing the correspondence. 

Judge Andrew Napolitano sat down with Megyn Kelly to discuss the new information and what it means for the potential 2016 presidential candidate. 

Napolitano said Clinton "knew it was untrue" when she made the claim about the "vast majority" of her emails going to officials' .gov addresses while she was at the State Department. 

He said that Clinton never had the right to delete 30,000 out of 66,000 emails from her private server and that the decision about which emails to preserve should have been made by the government. 

"By denying the government the ability to do that, by doing it in cahoots with her senior staff, she conspired to evade the law and she broke the law by concealing the government's records from the government," he said. 

Napolitano added that the "only way to find out what she did as secretary of state, what she destroyed, what she concealed, is to subpoena her husband's private server." 

Megyn Kelly agreed that an independent investigative body should then examine the contents of the server.

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