How can you combat deception in your daily life?

Former CIA interrogator and polygraph expert Phil Houston was on “The Kelly File” to teach you how you can get the truth from anyone.

First, Houston said you must stop the deceiver from talking. Then, he said you should say something which indicates that his or her deception isn’t working on you.

Houston advised that you should show you’re not fooled without becoming adversarial. He cautioned against asking a lot of questions because it puts the other person on the defensive.

Decoding Deceit: How Can You Tell if Someone is Lying?

Houston said when a liar verbalizes a lie over and over they become more "psychologically entrenched in it." 

Once a person tells a lie, they become more committed to sticking to the story. 

Next, Houston said you should give the deceiver reasons to reconsider their deception, then follow up with a presumptive question.

For example: why did you buy all those things with the credit card?

Houston said he prefers a question like that over asking a yes-or-no question like, "did you buy those things that are on the credit card statement?"

Learn more about each step in the video above.

Houston’s book, “Get the Truth: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Persuade Anyone to Tell All,” is available today.

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