Mitt Romney was on “Your World” in his first cable news interview since deciding not to run for president in 2016.

The former presidential candidate sounded off on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s announcement that he will seek the Republican nomination for president, calling him “an extraordinarily gifted orator.” He also said that he likes 2016 contenders Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker “a lot.”

Romney applauded Chris Christie’s honesty, calling him “a guy who tells the truth, in your face if he disagrees with you.”

“America loves a comeback, and Chris is poised to do that,” Romney said.

Neil Cavuto asked Romney what he thinks of people who say, “We don’t want another Romney or McCain.”

“They’re entitled to make their case, and people will listen to those arguments and decide who they want to represent the Republican Party,” Romney said.

Cavuto also asked Romney about the statement he made when he announced that he would not run for president in 2016.

“I’ve been asked, and will certainly be asked again, if there are any circumstances whatsoever that might develop that could change my mind. That seems unlikely,” Romney said in a statement.

“Now I’m no lawyer, but I caught the line ‘That seems unlikely,’” Cavuto said.

Romney insisted that it’s “more than just unlikely,” noting that Republicans have about 16 viable candidates.

“So that’s never, never, never?” Cavuto pressed.

“It’s not gonna happen,” Romney said.

Romney also touched on his planned charity boxing match with Evander Holyfield.

“I can fight anybody so long as Candy Crawley isn’t the referee,” he quipped, referencing his 2012 debate with President Barack Obama.

Romney said that he doesn’t believe Obama will be remembered well as president, calling him an “enormous disappointment.”

“It’s unfortunate, I was rooting for him to be successful and for him to understand what it took to get America working again and to lead the world, and on foreign policy, I’m afraid his mistakes and blunders have cost us dearly," Romney said.

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